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Les Bryant, licensed insurance agent and retirement income specialist, supported by a team of experienced professionals.  I specialize in protected growth strategies, without market risk of your principal, to maximize your wealth, financial independence, and provide retirement income that you cannot outlive.  My objective is to work with you to identify your concerns or problems, and then to find the best solutions for those problems.  If I can't help you, I'll tell you!  I have no products to sell, just your problems to solve.  Working together we can eliminate risk and assure financial security for a successful retirement. I interact through virtual platforms with most of my clients.  I am currently licensed in the following states. but will be happy to get licensed in any state in which you live:

Florida #A033850, Texas #2561409, #2560683, Missouri #3000955102, #1034240, Arkansas #1034240, Kansas #1034240, Virginia #1198262, Georgia #3374082, North Carolina #1034240, Mississippi #10804271, New Jersey #1034240, California #4174853

My complete independence means I remain objective and construct financial plans or financial solutions to solve your problems or needs.    I search understandable products from all the major insurance companies to provide solutions for your specific situation.

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My Philosophy.

I don't sell products. I find Solutions.

This means, our strategic financial plans are only influenced by your needs.

My clients are the most important stakeholders to me and are not just a means to an end

What I do.

I can help with all your protected growth and retirement  income needs, whether your situation is straight-forward or out of the ordinary.

Simply, I work with each client to develop, implement and maintain a relevant and comprehensive financial strategy, assuring clients have the income they need in retirement, anticipating changing needs as their situation changes.  Unfortunately, as we age, we may encounter different challenges to both our health and lifestyle.  It is imperative that our financial plans provide  for such contingencies as the death of one spouse before the other, the need for long term care for one or both, and provision for the prompt and probate free distribution of  remaining assets after both spouses are gone.

  • I can help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small they may be
  • I can assist you to become financially secure, knowing that you have anticipated and made provisions for your future income needs, no matter how long either or both of you live.
  • I can help you make smart decisions with your retirement money

How do I use Annuities?

I specialize in finding those products that are simple to

understand, that contractually meet your needs, from financially secure companies.

Annuities are contracts with insurance companies which can provide safe, protected growth without market risk!

Annuities are the only vehicle to guarantee lifetime income regardless of how long you live!

I don't recommend any annuities that expose you to market risk!  I don't recommend any variable annuities!